Safe Haven Marriage Dr. Sharon May, PhD

Friday Evening & Saturday Morning/Afternoon, August, 4th & 5th (Friday/Saturday Conference registration DOES NOT include Sunday Workshop)

Sunday, August 6th, Special Intensive Workshop for those interested (The Sunday Workshop requires a separate registration and registration fee. Please call the office 406.245.4005 to register for the Sunday Intensive Workshop. You don’t have to be married to attend this workshop.)

Henry’s Garage, 12 Garden Avenue, Billings, MT

Safe haven (n. A trustworthy person to whom you can turn, knowing that person will be emotionally available and will respond to you in a caring manner.) Are you emotionally connected with your spouse? Can you trust him or her with your heart? As a marriage counselor, researcher, and wife, Dr. Sharon Hart-May, states ‘I have come to learn that at the heart of every argument is the longing to be heard, understood, and loved. Most couples are unaware of how they argue, what they bring to an argument, why they argue, and what keeps their arguments hot and spinning. Most are only aware of what they argue about and how hurt and hopeless they feel when they can’t get their spouse to listen and change.’

Dr. Sharon Hart-May, Founder and President of the The Safe Haven Relationship Counseling Center in Carlsbad, California received her doctorate in marriage and family therapy from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and is an internationally known expert in emotionally focused therapy. She and her husband, who will be joining us, live in Southern California surrounded by their four sons. Dr. May has written How to Argue So Your Spouse Will Listen; and Safe Haven Marriage (Building a Relationship You Want to Come Home To).

Everyone that comes to this conference, whether single or married, will learn about attachment needs and conflict resolution.

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Friday Evening Registration: 5:30-7:00 PM

Session 1 7:00 PM The Building blocks of an Emotionally Connected Marriage

Saturday Morning

9:00 AM The Argument Cycle

10:30 AM The Connecting Cycle-Fostering a Safe Haven Marriage

Lunch Break 12:00 - 1:30

Saturday Afternoon

1:30 PM Healing the Hurts of Our Heart

3:00 PM Connecting and Enjoying Each Other

Registration before July 21st, 2017 is $60.00 per individual and $95.00 for any two people registering together (Please register both names).

Registration after July 21st, 2017 is $80.00 per individual and $115.00 for any two people registering together (Please register both names).

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