Word From the Director

I don’t have to introduce Blake Healy, our 2021 (Oct. 15th & 16th) Fall Conference speaker, to you. I’m sure he left an imprint on you from five years ago when he spoke on ‘Experiencing the Presence of God’ (2016). Since then he has written two additional books; Profound Good: See God Through the Lens of His Love, and Indestructible: Fight Your spiritual Battles From the Winning Side.

From his book Profound Good: See God Through the Lens of His Love, he states: “Wounds are an inevitable part of life on earth. Some of us experience more wounds than others; some of us experience more severe wounds than others. But regardless of how frequent or deep our wounds are, God’s capacity for restoration is infinite. God is better than we could ever imagine Him to be. It is just true. He has an answer for every pain, failure, disappointment, tragedy, disaster, trauma, injustice, and fear. We just have to let Him show us. Wounds are an inevitable part of life on earth, but He paid for the right to heal every of them.”

We are also happy to have Dr. David Levy and his wife Naomi back from our last conference in 2020. Dr. Levy will be speaking two times to encourage us ‘in these turbulent’ times. He will address us on how we can ‘reconsider our thoughts’ in the midst of life’s difficult stressors, as well as challenging our ‘emotional vulnerabilities’ that we are responsible for overseeing as we entrust our circumstances to the Lord. You may want to review his book, Gray Matter: A Neurosurgeon Discovers the Power of Prayer…One Patient at a Time.

Blake’s three books, including his first book, The Veil and Dr. Levy’s book will be available through our office or will be on the conference book table for you to purchase. Both Blake and Dr. Levy will be equipping us by addressing spiritual warfare strategies.

Feel free to call our office (406.245.4005) if you want to pick up a brochure or have additional copies to hand out to your friends and families. We will be returning to ‘The Gathering Place’ venue in the CLDI building located at 24 South 29th Street in downtown Billings.

Hope to see you there!

Respectfully, Brenda Dianne Dianne Hagstrom, Executive Director Steppin’ In Foundation, Inc.