Word From the Director

We are so excited to announce this year’s conference speaker as Dr. David Levy, a very famous neurosurgeon from San Diego, CA. He will be speaking to us on aspects of emotional and physical healing that he learned from counseling and advising his patients who were experiencing some form of neurological trauma.

As you may have noticed, we took last year to rest and to get our financial house in order. Well, we are rested, our financial house is in order, and we’re once again ready to bring in a speaker (from outside our area) who will teach us about some deep and wonderful things of God. By the way, Dr. Levy will be our 35th conference speaker since our first year in 1988. Feel free to check our speaker history by clicking on the ‘Past Conferences’ button.

Years ago Dr. Levy’s book Gray Matter was given to us by one of our board members. His book recounts and details his experiences when he was still a practicing neurosurgeon (in San Diego) who had begun to pray for his patients and their surgery needs. In the mean-time, we discovered that Dr. Levy had resigned his position and was now teaching and talking about his personal journey of how repentance and forgiveness can and often does lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. We wondered if Dr. Levy was taking invitations and whether it might be possible to entice him to come to Billings to share his witness and testimony. My husband picked up the phone and not only was Dr. Levy interested in our invitation, but he had reviewed our conference speakers and found he knew some of them and was happy to give prayerful consideration for our 2019 Conference!

Quoting from his book Gray Matter, “If I can open people’s eyes to the power they have over the wellness of their own bodies simply by reconsidering and changing their thoughts, I consider that part of my job. I’ve seen a lot of people in bad situations get worse by holding grudges. It’s not psychology, but I’ve seen a lot of people get better through forgiveness. We occupy a place of trust in society, and we must honor that trust by sharing the best of our knowledge on how to treat our patients’ problems, doing so with professionalism and respect for the patients’ dignity.”

I’m looking forward to listening to Dr. Levy present his foundation on the correlation between forgiveness, repentance and inner and physical healing in our time with him. He will share many stories of his personal journey of how God has humbled him and allowed him the privilege of dealing with sin in the lives of his patients or their family.

We are also very excited to be in a new location. Our conference will be held in ‘The Gathering Place’ in the new Community Leadership Development, Inc. (CLDI) on the corner of 1St Avenue South and South 29th Street.

Feel free to call our office, 406-245-4005 if you want to pick up or have us mail you some brochures. If you want to register online just click the ‘Upcoming Conferences’ button. Looking forward to seeing you joining us to meet Dr. Levy and his wife Naomi for our conference on Friday evening and Saturday, November 1st & 2nd, 2019

Respectfully, Brenda Dianne Hagstrom, Executive Director Steppin’ In Foundation, Inc.